Keeping man at bay

Members of the Spook Nook are in the Virunga Mountains. Will they be able to scare the humans away from the gorilla homeland?

Read Part One.

Story so far: Members of the Society for the Protection of Our Own Kind are in the deep jungles of the Virunga Mountains. They are desperately looking for a way to keep man out of the gorillas’ homeland. They are determined to save these wonderful primates. No other species must become extinct like the moa bird, if they can help it. So, who among the five Moa-ists is going to come up with a good plan?

The music of the Congo Bongo Band rang out loud and clear through the thick forest. There was a cheery air about the gorillas as they sang and danced to the music. The parrots, though, were quiet and thoughtful. How on earth could they keep man out of these mountains? How could they spook him enough to leave the gorillas alone? They had to come up with a good plan right away.

Eureka moment

It was Kaka who came up with an idea.

“Kea, didn’t Silverback scare you with his threatening calls? Let’s hide large speakers in the trees and they will amplify music or whatever noise the band makes. That would surely spook man away, wouldn’t it?” he wondered excitedly.

Kea nodded in agreement and the two flew away to operate their plan. Meanwhile, Congo Bongo, Weta and Tuatara got together to rap a song they had composed. When it was finished, they called in Ms. Kiwi to listen and give her opinion. The Congo Bongo drummers beat their drums violently and Silverback cleared his throat and started.

Grrrrrrrrh broom! Dubadubdub, rubadubdub! Brrrrrrrrh groom!

It’s our band, the Congo Bongo

I am a big star, like Ringo Ringo

Hey man, I say, you go, you go

I sing in Tamil, hey man, pongo, pongo

You and I, for here you and I cannot tango, tango

Man, I can crush you like mango, mango

So run off to your own Fargo, Fargo

Ms. Kiwi was dancing to the music and called out over the din, “You can ask man to go to Togo or Santiago or Chicago or umm… Tobago.”

The SPOOK team then hid hundreds of speakers in the thick leafy branches of the forest. Later that evening, when Congo Bongo started its concert, the music created a sonic boom. The earth shook, trees swayed, lava spilled out of the volcanoes and water rose in high waves in the lakes.

“This place is spooky!” cried the pale-faced poachers, rebel fighters, coal miners, tourists and hunters as they ran away from Virunga Mountains.

“Let’s hope they never return,” said the Moa-ists in deep satisfaction, as they bid goodbye to the friendly gorillas.

Published as part of a series titled SPOOK Nook in Young World, The Hindu on February 26, 2015.


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