Promises to keep

A big surprise awaits at Kiribati. The beach is full of angry, shouting people?

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Story so far – Worried members of the SPOOK Nook check out the concerns of the polar bear. His letter stated that he was unable to hunt seals, which rest and breed on sea ice and his decreasing habitat. He blamed man for loss of land and food. The Moa-ists decide to relocate a pair of them to Antarctica to save them.

The news of Poli and Polar Bear’s long voyage spread rapidly among the colonies of birds and animals in the Arctic. Polar Bear walked gaily towards his kayak. The humpback whale was going to toe the kayaks to Antarctica. Kaka, Tuatara and Weta got into the Polar Bear’s kayak while Poli, her cub, Kea and Ms. Kiwi climbed into the second one.

Taking off

When they were ready, the whale slid gently under water and headed south towards the equator. The air was still nippy and the bears were comfortable.

“Wow, Poli!” he shouted over the roar of the winds. “This is fabulous. We are going to be in Hawaii soon. Let’s practise the Hawaiian hula hoop dance.”

Weta and Tuatara nodded in agreement. They too thought that it was a good idea.

But Kaka said, “Behave yourselves, the three of you! We are not going to Hawaii but to Kiribati, a nation of 33 coral islands, where we will stop for a bite of food — breadfruit, sweet potatoes, coconut and fish,” said Kaka, playing the role of a tour guide.

“Yuck,” said Polar Bear, “never touched those things. Find me a seal or two!”

Micronesia is made up of islands that straddle the equator. Kiribati (Kiribas, as people call it) is a republic in Micronesia. It has many beautiful ring-shaped coral islands with lagoons in the middle. Sadly, they too faced the same problem as Polar Bear. Climate change and rising seawater levels meant that Kiribati was going to disappear under water. Who was going to save this nation and its people? Its children, of course.

Children of Kiribati stood on the beaches of its capital Tarawa. They shouted slogans. They carried placards. They wanted the world to hear their problem.

“Man, reduce your greenhouse gases! We are drowning please!

Don’t make Kiribati a nation that was!”

They shouted in front of television cameras and newspaper reporters.

The two teams that were fighting man came together on the beaches of Tarawa. The Moa-ists and the children held talks with scientists and politicians from across the world and drew up Kiribati Protocol. In it, man and cows pledged to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 10 per cent within the next five years.

“We want a safe home for ourselves and the polar bear. We don’t want to leave our homes just because man is uncaring,” cried the children after they heard the sad story of Polar Bear.

The hot beaches of the island weren’t really a home for Polar Bear. He was hopping around in discomfort. “It’s too hot in here. I am hungry and I want to go home,” he sobbed.

Everybody felt sorry for the bears. They decided that the best place for them to live in was the Arctic. With hope in their hearts and slogans on their lips, the Moa-ists and the polar bears returned to the bears’ homeland. “Man, learn to live on bare necessities! Save the world, save us and save Kiribati, ” said Polar Bear.

Published at part of a series titled SPOOK Nook in Young World, The Hindu, on April 9, 2015.


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