Kala Sambasivan is a teacher by profession and now a writer by choice. She was born in New Delhi and currently lives in Coimbatore. She has traveled widely within India and abroad.

After her schooling at Holy Angels Convent, Chennai, she obtained a degree in math fromMadras University (Women’s Christian College, Chennai.) She trained at Lady Wellington College, Chennai to teach English and Math. She worked for a year at Sacred Heart High School before leaving for Canada. After her return from India in mid ‘80s, she taught at Mother’s International School, New Delhi and later at JGVV, Chennai.

In addition to formal teaching in schools, she has conducted numerous classes in spoken and written English for children and adults. Kala Sambasivan has contributed numerous articles to newspapers in India. A 125-lesson series in the use of English language was published in The Times of India, Ahmedabad edition. Currently, she writes for the Young World, The Hindu and the school edition of Deccan Herald.

She has joined forces with her daughter Ambika Sambasivan to create Yali Books, an independent publishing venture. Yali published its first book, Bye, Bye, Motabhai!,  in March 2013.

She isn’t half as boring as this biography makes her out to be!